Natural Gas Cash Back on Heating

Natural Gas Cash Back

Up to $1000 cash back on Ducted Gas Heating, $500 cash back on Flued Heating & $200 cash back on Portable Gas Heating.

Am I eligible for Cash Back on my Natural Gas appliance purchase?

You are eligible to claim cash back if you are an Australia resident over 18 years of age who owns a home within the Jemena Gas Networks region, and purchase a natural gas appliance to replace an existing non-gas appliance as per the offer Terms & Conditions.

Can I claim Cash Back on more than one appliance?

Yes. If you purchase more than one appliance and have them installed within the promotional periods, you may lodge up to three cash back claims per household on appliances with applicable offers.

Which Natural Gas appliances can I get Cash Back on?

Natural Gas Hot Water systems (instantaneous, storage & gas boosted), Flued Heating systems and Ducted heating systems that are purchased and installed as per the offer Terms & Conditions.



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